Museum ‘t Fiskershúske

At a distance of 8 kilometres, you will find the small fishing village of Moddergat. Not only can you walk across the mud flats here, but you can also discover the history of the fishing village in museum ‘t Fiskershúske.

In this special open-air museum, the memories of the vanished coastal fishing and the fishermen’s culture are kept alive.

There are several cottages to visit. The oldest Fiskershúske from 1794 gives a view of the interior of a fisherman’s house around 1850. In ‘Klaske’s Húske’, the rooms are decorated in the style of the early 20th century. In house ‘de Aek’ you will find the permanent exhibition ‘Vissers van Wad en Gat’, with a focus on ship models, fishing tools, the rescue service and memories of the Moddergat shipwreck. Huisje ‘de Logger’ offers changing exhibitions.

Frisian Museum

Curious about Frisian history? Go and visit the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. In this museum, you will discover the eleven cities of Friesland, how Friesland deals with the water and the history of Friesland. There is also a Fries Resistance Museum.

Museum Dokkum

The historical town of Dokkum is 15 kilometres away. A cosy, beautiful, historical town where there is a lot to do. One of the activities you can do is visit the Museum Dokkum. A museum that gives a special picture of 2000 years of culture in Northeast Friesland, in which Bonifatius takes an important place, but also old utensils, folk art, paintings and Frisian pottery.

Tea Museum

Are you a real tea lover? Then go on a journey to discover the world of tea. In the unique tea museum in Zoutkamp, the complete story of tea is told in various theatrical settings.